A blog post on backup and recovery…

Don't forget to do them.  Does that sound like a silly statement?   Perhaps it is -- but then, I can state that in more than 50% of the environments I take over as a database administrator I find at least one server where they're not running. The reasons are many -- incorrectly configured, old accounts... Continue Reading →

Where to start….

Getting started with Python is easy -- it is literally everywhere.  Just crank up your favorite search engine and look for "learn Python" --- that should pull up a good couple million sites! Is that possible?  The short answer is yes -- python has been around since the early days.  Right after man invented the... Continue Reading →

Columnstore indexes in SQL 2016

Some things to remember: Columnstore indexes in SQL 2016 can now be updated -- but that doesn't mean it happens in real time.  Instead, SQL Server will gather the changes and then apply them afterwards.   This allows SQL Server to efficiently make changes to the index. AlwaysOn and Columnstore indexes are supported in SQL... Continue Reading →


Always on Availability groups offer the best in redundancy offered by Microsoft.  They are rock solid, relatively straightforward, and can be set up by a good DBA in hours. Understanding how they are performing, however, isn't as easy.  While the SQL Server Management Studio offers a dashboard it is limited in functionality.  

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